100 Brown Bridge Road
Liberty Hill, TX  78642
Texas Licensed Auctioneer #16145


Proudly Serving Central Texas Since 2005

When And Where Are Live Auctions Held

Our live in-house auctions are typically held on Sundays at 1pm on specific dates.  Please check the calendar to ensure the dates and locations of our auction  In-house auctions are held at our building located at 100 Brown Bridge Road in Liberty Hill Texas.

What Kind of Items Do You Sell

We are authorized to sell anything that’s legal to sell such as coins, jewelry, household goods, firearms and everything in between.

How Do I Pay For My Stuff

Hammer Down Auctions accepts Cash and all Major Credit Cards.  In-house bidders are expected to pay for your items before you leave the auction.  Internet bidders will be charged with the credit card that you used to register with.  Internet bidders may also pay using PayPal.

When Do I Need To Pick Up My Items

In-house bidders should plan on taking the items you win the day of the sale.  However, we understand that larger items may require more time.  Internet bidders have 3 days from the close of the auction to pick up your items.  If you need more time, please communicate your needs and we will work with you, but you need to let Hammer Down Auctions know. 

What If I Want To Cancel My Bid

If you bid on items you are agreeing that you will pay for them.  Therefore, you should be certain about the item and ask questions BEFORE you bid. If you find yourself in this predicament please give Michele a call to discuss rescinding your bid.  Failure to pay for the items you bid on will result in being banned from bidding in future auctions.

Can I Return Items And Get A Refund

That depends. If an item has been grossly misrepresented by us such as we said it was working and it isn't or we said it was original and it turns out to be a reproduction, then yes, we will refund the entire amount.  If you are an in-house bidder and simply didn't see the crack in it, then we will not refund because all items are sold "as-is, where-is" and you are supposed to inspect the items before you bid on them.

How Does Consignment Work

It’s simple. We sell your items for a percentage of the Hammer Down price. Fees vary depending on the value of the item and how much work we put into the sale of your items. Consignments and fees are discussed privately with customers to arrive at a solution that's right for you.

How Much Are The Fees To Consign Items

That depends on many variables such as the type of auction you want, the value of the item, if you bring it versus us picking it up, quality and condition of the item and size of the item.  Each consignor is treated as an individual and it’s not a one size fits all model.  It just depends

Do I Need To Bring Items I Want To Consign To You

We can pack your items and bring them to auction.  The fees are much less if you bring your items with a complete list of inventory.  If you want to bring your items, please call 512-548-6704 to make an appointment.  We need to be sure we’re prepared to receive them.  We may ask you to hold off until the current auction in progress is complete and we have the space to accept new items.

Will You Buy My Items Outright

We may buy them if the price is right, but most likely we will accept them on a consignment basis

What Happens If My Items Do Not Sell

You will get your items back if they don’t sell.  Certain higher priced items may be given a second run in another auctions.