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Wow what a good time!  I just wanted to let you know that I had family visiting and we came to the auction and had a great time.  My mother-n-law bought a few things and is still talking about the great deal she got.  I am now looking forward to our next auction, thanks.


Being a business owner myself I am always looking for good deals on tools and things that I can use.  Thanks to you I bought an amazing amount of items and saved a ton of money.  I wanted to let you know that I appreciate you gals over there, keep up the great work!


My husband and I were looking for something to do on a Sunday evening and we came across your auction house.  We were worried about bringing our teenagers in, but everyone made us feel right at home.  Besides we knew most of the people there.  Now we have a new place to go and visit a bit.


We Strongly Support Our Community


We provide fair market values and estimates of what your items are likely to bring at auction either by piece or as a whole.  There is a small fee for this service and prices vary depending on travel and the number of items you have appraised.  Bear in mind that all auctions are different and all have different buyers, therefore prices are not guaranteed, but we supply estimates of what your item(s) should bring at auction.


We are happy to sell your item(s) on consignment providing they fit our business model and meet our quality standards.  Consignment fees are standard and consistent with other area suctioneers and will vary depending on the type of auction, travel and packing requirements.  The process is very simple;  You brings it, we sell it, and you get a check!  Contact us today to get started making extra money from your stuff.

Onsite Auctions

Hammer Down Auctions can hold a live auction at your residence or place of business to include a simulcast internet auction.  Provided your Home Owners Association (HOA) approves and there is adequate space and ample parking, we can set up and run an estate auction at your property.  Let us worry about gathering the crowd.  Contact us for a free consultation for the best solution for your selling needs.

Live & Online Auctions

Come out and enjoy the excitement of a live auction.  We perform our live auctions on Sunday evenings.  Be sure to check our calendar to see if we are having an auction this Sunday.  If you miss the live auction, don't worry we have an online auction too!  There you are able to bid on items from the comfort of your home.  You never know what you will find at either one of our auctions.


We Sell Them • We Repair Them • We Transfer Them

Don't get rid of it, bring it to us!  We can make repairs or recondition your firearms.
Best Prices

Why pay retail prices when you can buy direct from us.  We can help locate special requests.
Delivery & Transfer

Hamdown would be happy to assist you with a firearm transfer.